Texas Cop Fired for Uploading Body Cam Footage of Controversial Arrest

Carlos Miller

Texas Cop Fired for Uploading Body Cam Footage of Controversial Arrest of Teen.

A Texas cop who arrested a teen for watching him earlier this month – or what he referred to as “interfering” – was so upset at the negative publicity he was receiving that he had unedited footage from his dash cam uploaded to Youtube under the username “Truth Seeker” in an apparent attempt to show the world the teen really did interfere.

But that act got Springtown police officer Shawn Owens fired.

And at this point, the uploaded videos have been removed from Youtube, having stayed online for about 12 hours, so we still don’t know whether or not they showed he was justified in arresting 17-year-old Dylan Waddle.

But Chief Ed Crowdus, who had released at least a portion of the footage to the media, told WFAA News that he was extremely disappointed in Owens’ behavior.

Obviously, Owens had yet to learn that transparency goes against fundamental police protocol.

Owens had a dispatcher upload that video along with two other videos, including one involving Waddle’s father at the police department. In his Youtube description, he claimed the local media has the full, unedited footage but are conspiring against him to ruin his good name. The dispatcher was suspended.

And Waddle is still facing charges and we will begin making requests for that video because it’s always refreshing to see there are times when body cams don’t inexplicably malfunction.


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