Texas Deputy Assaults Videographer, Blames 9/11

Carlos Miller

Texas Deputy Assaults Videographer, Blames 9/11.

A Texas deputy tried to snatch a man’s camera for “evidentiary purposes” after the man had recorded them making a traffic stop.

But the man had the camera attached to his wrist by a strap, so he was able to continue recording the bullying, intimidation tactics conducted by a dimwitted Gray County sheriff’s deputy named Stokes, schooling him in the process and turning him into today’s national jackass.

Stokes tried everything in the cop book to try to intimidate the man from recording him, accusing him of “suspicious activity” because he had recorded an “active open police investigation.”

He finally resorted to the old 9/11 excuse as if Al Qaeda would have any interest in terrorizing a tiny town in North Texas that apparently is already overrun by terrorists with badges.

Here’s a portion of the conversation that took place before Stokes tried to grab the camera:

“Turn the camera off or else I’m going to seize all your equipment”
Can you get the sheriff?”
“I can but I won’t.”
“Can I get the supervisor?”
“I am the supervisor. I’m in control and you’re not.”‘
“No sir, I’m a citizen. I’m ok.”
“What you need to do is be quiet.”
“No, sir, I’m allowed to talk.”
“No you’re not.”
“First Amendment, yes sir.”
“I’m fixing to put you under arrest.”
“For what?”
No answer.
“You think I make up stuff?”

The rest of the conversation continues to prove how much smarter the citizen is over the dumb deputy.

“Can I have your badge number?”
“No, you may not. When I arrest you in a minute, you can have it.”

Stokes finally relented and said Andrew was free to go. All that huffing and puffing for nothing.

Call the Gray County Sheriff’s Sheriff Don Copeland at 806-669-8022.


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