Texas Deputy Grinds Live Streamer's Face into Asphalt for Man's "Safety"

A YouTube auditor was live streaming outside a restaurant with deputies inside when he ended up brutally arrested.

A Texas sheriff's deputy attacked a videographer Wednesday, grinding his face into the asphalt, claiming to do so to keep him from getting hit by a car.

But the man's live streamed video shows the San Jacinto sheriff's deputy was only trying to teach him a lesson.

The victim is an auditor who runs the "Concerned citizens where is the constitution" YouTube channel where he posts his interactions with law enforcement while recording in public.

He was standing outside the Paradise Grill in Cold Springs after the restaurant had closed because four San Jacinto County sheriff's patrol cars were parked outside with four deputies inside the restaurant.

The owners of the restaurant told him to leave so he stood at the edge of the parking lot which may or may not be part of the restaurant property but an image from Google Maps shows the only other alternative would be to stand in the street, which would also be illegal as well as unsafe.

And the deputy, who earlier identified himself as "Beltran," claimed he was concerned for his safety, claiming the man had almost been struck by two cars but the video shows that was not true.

Deputy Beltran also accused him of being drunk, claiming he had smelled alcohol on his breath, but even if that were true, the man was showing no signs of impairment.

But like all cops, Beltran believes he has a unique insight to determine if people are drunk by just observing them, even if they are not stumbling or slurring. Not much different than they can claim you are "suspicious" because you are recording. It's typical cop manipulation.

Beltran used all those excuses; the trespassing, the concern for his safety and the accusation of drunkness to pounce on him and grind his head into the asphalt, leaving the man with a serious laceration to his forehead which can be seen in the final frame of the video.

While he was getting arrested, the man blurted out the phone number to the San Jacinto Sheriff's Office, 936-653-4367, and they have apparently been getting flooded with calls, according to commenters on YouTube where the video was posted.

It appears as if the videographer is still in jail because it does not appear as if he has been commenting on his video, which remains posted because he was live streaming.

"I'm going to see if I get fucked with on the way out of town," the man said at the beginning of his video, which can be seen in its entirety here. A shortened edited video is posted above.

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Texas state law says that private property is accessible to the public a certain distance from any public road -- a public easement. You can spot the easements by paying attention to where public utilities such as power lines, phone junctions, traffic light poles and gas line connections are placed, since those are always located within those easements. So long as you stay between the line represented by power lines and the public road itself, you are effectively standing on a public sidewalk.


looks like cops like handing out free $$$$$$. you would think that by now the dumb piggys' would have gotten the idea that there are auditors out there by now!!!! AND THEY HAVE CAMERAS'................................................................................

when the pen is mightier than the sword................then... the camera must be mightier than the gun!!!!!!!!


What these cops fail to realize is the more evil and hateful shit they get away with and the more court cases they win stripping away the rights of the citizens is this stuff will be used against their kids and grandkids.

They only care about the here and now. I would love to hear one day about a cop’s grand kid getting his rights violated and going to prison bc of a court case his grandfather won.


We have no freedoms or rights when cops utter magical phrases like; for my safety, disorderly conduct, interference or your drunk.

The biggest issue is when they dont get instantly fired once it is proven they lie


When auditors have had enough and start shooting cops in self defense i dont want to hear any crying