Texas man suing over "illegal photography" arrest

Carlos Miller

A TX man was arrested for “illegal photography” when he photographed a cop who had entered his home without permission.

Francisco Olvera is now suing the Sealy Police Department for trespass, assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution, according to Courthouse News.

It is not clear when the actual incident occurred but it started when police were dispatched to Olvera’s home following a noise complaint.

Sealy Police Sgt. Justin Alderete confronted Olvera in front of his home, demanding to see his identification.

When Olvera stepped into his home to retrieve his identification, Alderete following him inside.

Olvera snapped a photo of Alderete inside his home.

Alderete handcuffed Olvera when he saw a can of beer on the kitchen counter.

Besides “illegal photography,” Olvera was charged with “public intoxication (in his own home?)” and “loud music.”

Earlier today, I called Olvera’s attorney, Ronald Darby, for more details but he wanted to take a look at my website before commenting because for all he knew, I could be one of the cops involved, he told me.

So I sent him a link to PINAC but he never got back to me.


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