Texas TV reporter arrested for doing his job

Carlos Miller

Texas TV reporter arrested for doing his job

A TV reporter for a southern Texas news station was arrested Thursday after pulling up to the scene of an accident that resulted from police chasing a car filled with marijuana.

Victor Castillo pulled up to the scene with other reporters, including a videographer who was harassed himself and who ended up capturing the arrest on video.

Police ordered Victor Castillo away from the scene, even though he was not in the immediate area nor was there any crime scene tape up.

This is how his employer, KGBT TV, explains it:

When first confronted, Victor moved further away to try and continue to tell the story.
The officer decided that was still not good enough, even though you’ll see in the video that there were many members of the public present in the same area.
Victor was embarrassed and humiliated before many members of the public.
He was told he was being arrested for failure to identify.
But later when the charges were formally written he was accused and arraigned for allegedly interfering with public duties, a Class B misdemeanor punishable up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

As usual, cops had no legitimate charges to arrest him, so they had to wait until later before they could come up with something they could tell the judge.

Check out the video here.


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