To the admins. Please contact me very soon. I have a situation worthy of pinac support or help to back up camera footage with a separate camera with a wider view. I can get a helper to video if needed. The meeting is at an SO you have featured many times. It is going to get hostile tomorrow I have a feeling. Either way I will follow up and comment further on the situation. I do have assistance from the SO. Tomorrow will get hostile, I would like to share with pinac the final outcome if interested. For the record, I have been following this exact sheriffs office for 3 years hard! I have several BWC videos of interaction and also my own videos. An audit is due. I file many PRR's and have piles and piles of documents. Most are everything except what was requested. Please reach out, central Florida area.

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Carlos Miller
Carlos Miller


Hi, can you email it to please?

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