Carlos Miller

TSA Not to Rescind on Photo Policy

The Transportation Security Administration is not rescinding on its policy allowing passengers to record security checkpoints at airports, despite the fact that its policy is no longer found on the original link.

A TSA official said the deletion of the page is simply a result of the federal agency migrating its content to a new website.

The photo policy can still be found on this 2009 blog entry.

In response to an inquiry from Photography is Not a Crime, Bob Burns of the TSA Office of Public Affairs said the policy will eventually be posted on the new site.

Earlier today, Infowars noticed that the policy was no longer available on the link where it had been for years, prompting them to write a story stating that it was “most likely a response to a newly launched national Opt Out and Film campaign set to launch during Thanksgiving week in November.”

We’ll keep our eyes open to see how long it takes to repost the policy on its new site.


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