TX Cop Calls PINAC Rep. “Black Moron” for Standing up for his Rights

Ben Keller

Texas Cop Calls PINAC Reporter “Black Moron” for Standing up for his Rights

A Texas cop took to Facebook to call PINAC reporter Phillip Turner a “black moron” for daring to stand up for his rights when a cop demanded his identification for recording in front of a police station.

Pearland police officer Cary Homeyer also accused Turner of being part of Black Lives Matter, but Turner has never associated with the activist organization.

Phillip Turner

Despite the fact that charges were dropped against Turner for failing to identify and charges were filed against Galveston Police Sergeant Archie Chapman for illegally entering Turner’s car and searching it, Homeyer insists that Turner was wrong and Chapman was right.

“When we give you a lawful order, you must obide,” the Texas cop wrote on Facebook, creating a new word from the words “abide” and “oblige.”

Homer’s comments were in response to the Galveston Municipal Police Association’s call on Facebook for the thin blue line to attend the trial, which started today.

Screenshots are posted below. And Turner issued his response in this Facebook video.

As we reported earlier, video from the November 2015 arrest shows Chapman used the key fob on Turner’s key chain, which was unlawfully obtained after the arrest, to locate turners car parked nearby.

Misdemeanor charges filed against Turner by Sergeant Chapman were dropped a week later.

After Turner published his dash cam video of the unlawful search to youtube, Galveston District Attorney Jack Roady dropped the charges against Turner and brought charges against Sergeant Chapman for criminal trespassing.

Sergeant Chapman was later indicted by a grand jury on the charge, and stands trial today.

On Friday, the Galveston Municipal Police Association, the department’s police union, posted to their Facebook page, calling on its members and the public to attend the trial in support of Sergeant Chapman, which is a common intimidation strategy used by police in jury trials.

The post includes the time, date and location of Chapman’s trial, which takes place on 8:30 AM Tuesday January 17th, which was the day they picked six jurors who will hear the trial on Wednesday January 18th at 10th District Court, 600 59th Street in Galveston, TX.

In a post hours earlier, the union wrote, “We are confident that once the facts have been heard the jury will return a verdict of not guilty and Sergeant Chapman can return to his career.”

Turner posted a video response below, stating he doesn’t even associate with Black Lives Matter, per se.

In the video of his arrest, even after he was arrested, Turner steadfastly sticks to his guns, refusing to the identity search unless officers gave him a reasonable answer that he was suspected of committing a crime.

Chapman continues to insist recording the memorial is suspicious, arresting him.

After Turner was released from jail on the misdemeanor charge, which was dropped a week later, he reviewed the footage to discovered Chapman searching his car.

“This is what happens when you question authority,” Gilbert Villareal, a Galveston cop on the scene told Turner after they had found his wallet in his car and were able to identify him.

“In an utterly shameful and alarming turn of events the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office, led by District Attorney Jack Roady, dropped all charges against the individual and instead chose to pursue charges against Sergeant Chapman for Criminal Trespass arising from the alleged ‘search’ of the subject’s vehicle.”

Videos of the arrest and search that led to charges against the officer are included below.




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