Video of NYPD Shoving PINAC Correspondent Into Street Emerges

Carlos Miller

Video of NYPD Shoving PINAC Correspondent Into Street Emerges
Two days after PINAC correspondent Mo Gelber put the word out on PINAC Live! that he was seeking video of NYPD cops assaulting him during a protest, he received the video from a friend who found it online.

And it proves the events went down just as he described.

In fact, it shows the cops trying to shove him from a sidewalk onto a street as they were ordering protesters to get off the street and onto the sidewalk.

The altercation between Gelber and NYPD officers begins at 1:51 in the video below when a white-shirted supervisor storms up to him with his bullhorn and begins yelling at him to move back.

As you can see in Gelber’s photo below, anybody who remained on the street would have been arrested for obstructing traffic.

Photo By Mo Gelber

Gelber places his hand on the bullhorn to prevent it from smashing into his face, which was when several blue-shirted cops shoved him hard.

Because Gelber was trying his best to remain on the sidewalk, trying not to give them an excuse to arrest him, he lost his balance and fell into the street, his head slamming against a police SUV.

He’s lucky they didn’t then arrest him for obstructing traffic.

Gelber was in such pain that he visited a doctor the following day who diagnosed him with having a concussion. He still has back pain, but it’s not as bad as it was a few days ago.

Gelber was not the only citizen who ended up needing medical care after being shoved by cops during the protest.

The New York Daily News reports that Elsa Waithe was video recording the arrest of another protester when a cop shoved her hard, sending her crashing against a railing.

She ended up transported by ambulance to a hospital.

Gelber managed to photograph her as she was being lifted onto the ambulance on a stretcher. Video of that incident can be seen here.

Waithe has filed a complaint and internal affairs says they are investigating.

Gelber is also considering filing a complaint now that he has video evidence.

PINAC’s Mo Gelber Whacked By NYPD For Photographing A Protest March

Then there was an incident involving an off-duty NYPD cop who stepped out of his car on the Brooklyn Bridge to confront protesters, pulling out a gun after he was punched in the shoulder by a protester.

The media, of course, went with the Police PR Spin Machine, describing the protesters as “goons” who attacked a cop when the reality is, there are no other reports of protesters attacking anybody, so it was obvious Sgt. David Cuce brought that upon himself, only to resort to his badge and gun when the protesters didn’t kiss his ass.

The Daily News later changed the headline from “goons” to “demonstrators” but the word goons still remains in the link.

But as always, the videos speak for themselves. We can see who did the attacking. And we can see they were the ones wearing badges.

Gelber, who became internet famous back in 2012 for his viral photo, “The Last Kiss,” is also featured in my book on citizen journalism, which can be purchased here.


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