Videographers Arrested Outside Controversial Bilderberg Meeting

Carlos Miller

Videographers Arrested Outside Controversial Bilderberg Meeting

There are tons of conspiracy theories behind the Bilderberg Meeting taking place in Fairfax, Virginia this week that are only getting fueled by the arrest of at least two videographers.

Police also forbade a Washington Post photographer from taking pictures from a public street.

Why all the secrecy?

Well, if you believe Alex Jones, they are plotting to kill Ron Paul.

And if you believe the Daily Caller, the meeting is simply an “annual gathering of influential political, media and business figures.”

And if you depend on the Washington Post for accurate information on the Bilderberg Meeting, you’re out of luck because not only was their photographer forbidden from taking photos from a public street outside the hotel where the meeting is taking place, it doesn’t appear as if they managed to get a reporter inside.

Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates were chauffeured in. Fairfax County police established a security perimeter around the Westfields Marriott and prohibited a Washington Post photographer from snapping pictures from a public street.
Outside the Jersey barriers, dozens of protesters and conspiracy theorists — convinced that Bilderberg is a global cabal that runs the world — waved signs and shouted into bullhorns.
“Honk if you hate the new world order!” they blared, hooting at drivers passing by. Fairfax police have made three arrests for a variety of misdemeanor offenses, including obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct, a police spokesman said.
“This is the true power structure, the shadow government,” said Shawn Flinchbaugh, 29. The machinist from York County, Pa., stood outside the conference center, clutching a handmade sign that read, “Bilderberg Scum.” “They say they don’t exist, but they do.”

The videographers arrested (above video) were part of a group of activists outside the hotel and were arrested as they tried to move in closer to the incoming cars to figure out who was attending the meeting.

Of course, if you’re not a conspiracy theorist, you might argue that they were simply arrested for obstructing traffic.

Too bad the Washington Post didn’t make more of an issue of their incident.

UPDATE: Here is another video of another arrest of an apparent American Free Press journalist, according to Infowars, which also sheds more insight into the history of the meetings.


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