WATCH: Chicago Cops Taser Man Four Times in Front of his Kids for Recording them

Ben Keller

Video posted to Facebook on July 4 shows Chicago cops tasering a man for recording them.

Video posted to Facebook on Thursday by Anna Morentin shows Chicago police tasering her husband four times for recording an interaction between officers and passengers of a vehicle at a gas station.

"You're making my kid cry," Morentin tells the officers as they handcuff her husband, Angel Ramirez, who fell to the ground after being tasered for recording them stop another vehicle.

"Daddy!" one of Ramirez's children cries as she records.

"Why are you doing that to him?" a passenger asks.

"Are you recording the whole thing?"

"I'm recording everything," Morentin says.

"What was he doing? He was recording. He wasn't doing anything but recording," the passenger tells the officers as Ramirez lay on the ground handcuffed.

"He was in our crime scene. We asked him to step away three times," one officer explains.

"He kept resisting."

"Record that shit," Ramirez repeats to Morentin.

"They tased me four times."

As Ramirez lay on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back, one officer remains holding the taser aimed at him with his hand on the trigger.

In an apparent act of spite, at the 2:12 mark, another officer apparently pepper sprays Ramirez in the face while trying to hide behind the view of the camera behind several other officers.

When an officer abruptly moves up, the camera catches the officer holding the can and shaking it.

When Ramirez gets up, he complains his eyes burn and asks officers to wipe his face.

"That's fucked up. We got kids in the car. We're not doing anything wrong, bro," the passenger tells the officers as two young children in the back seat cry in fear.

"When you're told to step back from an investigation, you step back," one officer can be heard explaining.

"It's called obstruction. That's why . . . Interference and obstruction," the officer says, explaining it's obstruction "because he resisted."

"All he was doing was recording," the witness tells the officer.

Footage begins with Ramirez recording an interaction between police and passengers in another vehicle.

Within a few seconds after Ramirez began recording, an officer approaches, grabs him and asks him to "back away."

"You're interfering with our crime scene. Back away," the officer says, even though Ramirez appears to be several feet away and quietly recording.

"Don't touch me," he says several times before he's eventually tased.

"You're going to be resisting. Knock it off," one officer says hinting officers are about to use force on him.

Video of the entire incident, which can be seen above, was posted on Independence Day 2019.

Ramirez was apparently arrested for obstructing.

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This is unfortunate because both sides made hasty decisions on how to act in the situation. Yes he was not at a safe distance at the beginning of this video however he did comply with the backing up. When the cop turned back around it looked like the guy filming stopped backing up and maybe shifted forward some. This was perceived as him not complying by the cop. At which point he still had every right to say don't touch me however the officer was reaching to restrain him and he resisted. It doesn't matter if he was in the right up to that point because as he as he pulled away he resisted. He should have physically complied while verbally stating he is not resisting. It would have ended better. It doesn't matter if the cop is wrong, as soon as you pull away and make it even the slightest bit harder for them to restrain you, you have broken the law. The cops will use this against you so record, and follow instructions unless it puts you and others and the officer in danger. But you better be recording on several devices like these people did!


If you don't want to get tased and handcuffed, follow lawful orders. This guy kept resisting. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


If you watch closely he was backing up, the cop pushed for no reason and then the guy tells to keep his effn hands off him. The cop then goes off the rails and the rest ensues. Then there are like 20 cops surrounding a twice tased and cuffed man. Tyrants, sur the f out of them!!!


I sure hope that the family gets a good attorney. This is textbook "contempt of cop". The guy was clearly "backing away", and the cop was apparently satisfied at that and only went after him after the guy told him "don't touch me".


Civil war is coming and these traitors go first head shots work the best since we all know they will be decked out in military gear these men are no longer peace officers if there ever was such a thing these men are enemy combatants on our soil


Well what are these cops actually going to do when they get that war they been begging for?

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