WATCH: Philadelphia Cop Arrests Man for Recording Arrest

Carlos Miller

Man recording cops gets arrested in violation of his First Amendment right to record.

A video surfaced on Instagram today showing a Philadelphia police officer arresting a man for silently recording them making an arrest from at least ten feet away.

The video is only 14 seconds long which is how long it took for the cop to make his arrest. It is not clear at this time when the incident took place but it's not anything we've never seen before.

The video begins with two Philadelphia police officers arresting a man while another man records without saying a word.

"Can I help you," one of the cops asks after noticing he is being recorded.

He then storms up to the man who is evidently part of a larger group.

"You want to go in cuffs next?" he says. "How about all you guys?"

He then grabs the man recording and walks him to the police car.

"Here you go, put that on your camera, put that on your camera," he says.

Then just as the video ends, we can hear him say, "give me your phone."

We will be updating this as we receive more information. The video was posted on this Instagram channel.

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This happens because not enough cops are living in their mother in laws' basements... or under bridges, because they were sued into oblivion.

Cops only learn to obey the law when they can't feed their families because they don't.


This happens because LEOs aren't reminded often enough that violating the First means getting a taste of the Second.

Chardon Times
Chardon Times

Officer subverted that mans First Amendment right to record public officials while they perform their duties in public. Its clearly established law. Police have no reasonable expectation of privacy in public


hopefully Philadelphia is tired of paying out millions each year and fires this POS! from the short clip, it looks like this POS has NO business having a badge and gun! he also probably has three or more complaints against him already.

fuck the blue lies mafia!


Profoundly immoral and wicked.
Cops are evil.

Chrome Dome
Chrome Dome

It’s just simply never going to stop because those who are to discipline them always saying that they weren’t doing anything wrong.😡😎

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