Woman Cries Rape After Man Records her in Public (Updated)

Carlos Miller

A woman did not appreciate being recorded in public so she assaulted the videographer, then cried rape.

“Rape! He’s trying to rape me! He’s a sex offender!”

Prior to that, she claimed the videographer was violating a “federal regulation” by recording her.

The video was just uploaded by Mike Bluehair of Portland Film the Police, who has not offered any details, but promises to upload more, hopefully with more background.

All we know is that the video was recorded in front of the CRC Health Group, which treats addictions and disorders, so that probably has something to do with this video and its content.

But I suspect this will be going viral, so might as well see it here first as we gather more details.

UPDATE: Mike “Bluehair” Smith provided more details in the screenshot below.


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